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Get to Know the Faces behind The Lake Foundation


Jeffrey Lake

Founder & President

For as long as I can remember, I have felt an innate sense of uncertainty. In retrospect, this comes as more of an expected finding, rather than the exception. With one addicted parent, and the other mentally ill, my childhood environment was volatile. Primarily, alcohol-fueled fits of rage occurred each weekend, along with varying degrees of conflict sprinkled throughout the week. The message I received was that it was not acceptable to emulate his behavior; however, her actions showed a different truth, as one parent’s codependence kept us trapped, each time the other was forgiven. The genetic predisposition, parental examples, and mixed messages laid the groundwork to my own psychological troubles. Anxiety was bred into me, and the doubt and worries occupied my mind, perpetually.

Seeking to heal from the adverse events of my childhood, and correct the resulting maladaptive behaviors, I started psychotherapy. For one of the first times, I felt comfortable enough to be completely vulnerable. Besides imparting therapeutic insight, a fundamental finding of our work was when I realized that I could be the hero, if only I stopped accepting the role of the victim.

My life has taught me the hard way what empathy truly means. I have seen firsthand the toll mental illness takes on the diagnosed individual, as well as their families. These experiences, which once held me back and affected my own psyche, are now what motivates me to pursue a career in psychology.

I have taken the scenic route to where I am in life, which has allowed me to experience and learn what I may never have, if I had arrived here directly. These same experiences and lessons included challenges and obstacles, metaphorical dragons, which were seemingly impossible to slay, but they have provided me with the set of core values, by which I am guided, today. The treasure I have acquired battling these dragons has made me wealthy with wisdom, which I would like to impart unto others, starting at home, in NEPA.


Kylie McColligan Oleski, PsyD

Vice President

Kylie M. Oleski, PsyD is a clinical psychologist with Geisinger health system. Dr. Oleski is the director of adult integrated services within Geisinger’s psychology department and also serves patients of the Mt. Pleasant clinic as a primary care behavioral health (PCBH) clinician. A native of NEPA, Dr. Oleski earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Scranton and a doctorate of clinical psychology from Marywood University. Having deep NEPA roots, Dr. Oleski values serving the local community by offering high-quality, evidenced-based behavioral health services. Outside of work, Dr. Oleski enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and completing media opportunities with local outlets.

Our Team: Our Team
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